Debian lenny software raid setup

Setting up raid volumes requires the mdadm package. However yesterday i had to reinstall windows vista. Debian installation and then install proxmox ve or create raid after. I do run raid 0 for debian lenny and i have found the safest and easiest way to do it is to load a 3 drive up as boot and mbr and then the kernel will load the required modules to see the raid card. On linux, raid disks do not follow the usual devsdx naming, but will be represented as md multidisk files, such as md0, md1, md2, stc an important file you need to remember is procmdstat, which will provide information about any raid setups on your system. Software raid 5 in ubuntudebian with mdadm zack reed.

Sep 26, 2017 how to install and configure debian 9. As it turned out, this process was simpler then i initially expected. Debian software packages in buster, subsection libs. All cool and no probs besides grub being installed only in hd0, not in. A kernel with the appropriate md support either as modules or builtin. I have my system setup with 2x 80gb ide hdd devhda devhdb and launch the initial install, from here can i create the array and then use it as a bootup drive to install my file system. I disabled the fake raid functionality and went with the native linux software raid. Some of these installation images may no longer be available, or may no longer work, and you are recommended to install squeeze instead. Wheezy to jessie update broke root software raid, can it be fixed. Grub configuration debian lenny 1 preliminary note. The preseed file ensures installation of puppet, which takes care of personalization of the vms later, so really i need only one installimage which is why im not interested in fai or similar heavyweights. Apr 28, 2017 how to create a software raid 5 on linux. Alexander kojevnikov blog diy nas with debian lenny. Debian gnulinux brings together highquality free software from around the world, integrating it into a coherent whole.

Installing grub2 on mdadm software raid in debian wheezyjessie. Hi, i just have installed lenny and have successfully setup raid 1 array on 2 sata drives. Creating software raid0 stripe on two devices using. All proxmox ve versions do not support linux software raid mdraid. In our earlier articles, weve seen how to setup a raid 0 and raid 1 with minimum 2 number of disks.

Raid stands for r edundant a rray of i nexpensive d isks. Here we are not using a hardware raid, this setup depends only on software raid. The grub bootloader will be configured in such a way that the system will still be able to boot if one of the hard drives fails no matter which one. If you look at the result of the command df h and you are using the mdmadm software raid 1 then you can only see the devmdx partitions.

How to create a software raid 5 in linux mint ubuntu. Upgrade debian lenny to squeeze in a few simple steps. Today i will share some thought on software raid under linux with you. I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you. Even so, you will regret it when you end up loosing massive amounts of data from using soft raid. Setting up raid on an existing debianubuntu installation. Me and a friend installed debian on my fake raid array with the dmraidtrue via a daily built lenny amd64 disc about a week ago. The hardware requirements for a btrfs based raid 1 disk setup are very flexible.

With the advent of terabyte disk drives, fakeraid is becoming a popular option for entrylevel small business servers to simply mirror 2 1. Devicemapper software raid support tool shared library. Nov 19, 2010 setup hd1 73 for ubuntu users version 9. We can use full disks, or we can use same sized partitions on different sized drives.

Raid allows you to turn multiple physical hard drives into a single logical hard drive. The size of the disks in the raid array do not need to be identical, thanks to the flexibility of btrfs raid 1 as it works on the data level, and not just on device level like traditional mdadm does. There are many raid levels such as raid 0, raid 1, raid 5, raid 10 etc. Nov 15, 2011 software raid 5 in ubuntudebian with mdadm 9 min read. Installation of gnulinux debian 8 on a real hardware server using raid 1 mirroring. Mar 26, 2020 in this tutorial, well be talking about raid, specifically we will set up software raid 1 on a running linux distribution. If your setup deviates much from this, its highly recommended to read all details of the debian release notes before you continue.

To create a raid1 array on our already running system, we. Some days ago i installed raid 1 on debian lenny amd64 arch without any troubles for. Autoassembly of raid arrays in rescue mode can corrupt data rescue mode should be used with great care when software raid arrays were in use on the system to rescue. How to configure a soft raid1 using debians wheezy b4. This post documents the steps i followed to retrofit raid1 into an existing debian squeeze installation. The server has an ipmi ethernet interface so that the. The debian installer will set everything up for you if you choose that option and ubuntu has alternate installation cds which allow you to do the same. Jun, 2017 there are so many levels are there for raid and each level comes with some new invented features.

For installation images and documentation about how to install bullseye which is currently testing, see the debian installer page to install debian 10. Not sure if it can be done via the installer or if im doing it correctly. I had a perfectly fine running installation process for virtual machines based on an instalinux cd, creating debian 5 lenny vms within minutes. Both systems did not have any raid devices and use a simple partition scheme from a default basic lenny install. How to configure software raid1 during installation process. Here we will use both raid 0 and raid 1 to perform a raid 10 setup with minimum of 4 drives. This is a software that being developed to handle the raid procedure inside the server. In a twodisk raid0 setup, for instance, evennumbered blocks of the virtual device will. This page contains some screenshots to demonstrate it, and applies to debian 5. This has been possible through complex installation procedures in the past, but today the debian etch installer is capable of handling such an installation if you follow the proper steps, which i outline in this article. Grub configuration debian lenny page 4 scan your webserver for malware with ispprotect now. The rescue mode scripts automatically assemble arrays, which could lead to data corruption in the presence of invalid or obsolete raid superblocks. If you have a physical raid card with enough ports, you can add more disks.

Been playing around to try and install debian 5 on an ide raid 1 setup. Debian user forums view topic lenny, software raid1. I did the install on a debian testing system lennyamd64, but ive checked that everything applies to etch as well. I parted the 65gb for debian, had a very similar setup almost identical as shown in that youtube video. The debian squeeze installer allows for raid setup, but then tries to install grub2 to devsda instead of devmd0. Although most of this should work fine with later 3. So how to check the state of raid after installation. The example below shows how to create a software raid1 array on debian systems. This guide explains how to set up software raid1 on an already running debian lenny system. Other people may have different experiences, but with software raid mine have always been bad, on servers and desktops. Install proxmox ve on debian wheezy install proxmox ve on debian jessie. Also, they are switching to debian for the next version. The setup went fine, but i could not boot from grub.

Minimum number of disks are allowed to create raid 0 is 2, but you can add more disk but the order should be twice as 2, 4, 6, 8. Those few screenshots show how to install root on lvm on raid. Disk partitions devhda1 and devhdc1 will be used as the members of the raid array md0, which will be mounted on the home partition. This package automatically configures mdadm to assemble arrays during the system startup process. There are four main partitions prior to the debian installation. Raid5 requires a minimum of 3 drives, and all should be the same size.

Mar 22, 2007 our team at linuxforce recently put together a debian server with lvm on a software raid5 volume. During the cent install, i used disk druid to configure my disks with the following disk layout. Debian user forums view topic grub, dmraid, lenny, amd64. In my experience when you setup hardware raid 1 you should only see 1 disk. However i am confused as when i was running my debian lenny amd64 install and i got to the disk partitioner i saw devsda and devsdb. Debian user forums view topic software raid 1 help. When prompted about where to install grub, you most likely want to pick both of your disks e. So, i cant see how anyone can use the debian installer to setup raid.

Nov 19, 2014 raid 10 is a combine of raid 0 and raid 1 to form a raid 10. Home how to set up software raid1 on a running system incl. The example below shows how to create a software raid1 array on. We just need to remember that the smallest of the hdds or partitions dictates the arrays capacity. The procedure assumes that you have 2 indentical hard disks on your computer. Sometimes you need to store data relative save and high available.

Sep 20, 2017 how to install and configure debian 9. How to set up software raid 1 on an existing linux distribution. This post will explain how to set up a nas server with debian running essential services such as ssh, samba, nfs, cups, rdiffbackup and rtorrent with a web interface. There is nothing wrong with that, but this is larger than 1024, and could in certain setups cause problems with. There is no space left in the chassis for a hw raid card, otherwise i wouldnt setup a software raid.

From what i have found, this is the limit grub has, as it. One rather old laptop and one server were the test objects for this howto. Using other tools has issues too below but regardless, they reformat the partitions, so i end up running the debian squeeze installer again. It is an ibm x306 with 4gb ram, two 1tb drives, and an adaptec fake raid controller. In my setup, i have two disks that are each formatted in the following way. However this is not hardware raid, this is bios raid fakeraid, software raid whatever you call it. The most important tool for setting up raid is mdadm.

To setup raid 10, we need at least 4 number of disks. Debian user forums view topic installing fresh debian 5. How to set up software raid1 on a running system incl. Oct 04, 20 by milosz galazka on october 4, 20 and tagged with debian, system installation, system management, software raid recently i needed to setup software raid1 during debian installation process. From what i have found, this is the limit grub has, as it doesnt have drivers or anything for raid devices. Jan 14, 2010 software raid on debian linux 14 january 2010 on hardware, filesystem, mdadm, monitoring, raid, linux. The mdadm tool patience, pizza, and your favorite caffeinated beverage.

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