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Microsoft office 2010 is a complete set of desktop programs, server software, and services that can help streamline the way. Followed instructions from another forum post but they did not work. Please find the practice file and our free 100 mostuseful excel tips below. Hi, it is possible to save a single slide as a pdf. Powerpoint tips 4 things you need to know to energize. Powerpoint beyond the basics making interactive, non. How to create an animated map in powerpoint 20072010 pdf watch the youtube video. To get your audience to understand and remember what you say, use the tell n showsm method. Powerpoint ninja blog provides practical powerpoint topics, tips, and tricks that can transform lame slides into lethal presentations. When you have several slides you may change their order by dragging them up or down in. Navigate on your disk to the work files for office 2010 folder powerpoint.

How to remove the background from an image powerpoint. Text o maximum five lines of text per slide o no more than 2025 words per slide o mix upper and lower case letters o slides should not contain complete sentences o use short bullets that emphasize or reinforce what you are discussing. This information is also available as a pdf download. Key microsoft powerpoint 2010 features and benefits. Dont settle for the basic, builtin powerpoint templates.

Handy cheat sheets with shortcuts, tips, and tricks. Powerpoint 2007 powerpoint 2010 powerpoint 20 powerpoint 2016. Discover the power shortcuts the pros use to navigate powerpoint 2010 with ease, customize views, work with text, format slides, and publish. Make sure and visit bettys blog powerpoint tips and tricks weekly tips and tricks using the office suite and allows you. Powerpoint tips, tricks, and hacks from 29 experts. This webinar is for anyone ready to take their microsoft powerpoint design skills to the next level. An effective interactive slide show should have a directions slide because a good teacher. Weve all seen too much of presenters laptop screens, full of messy iconstrewn desktops or unread emails, as they. Free tips and tricks guide to powerpoint tips 4 things you need to know to energize your talks. The entire file all the slides was saved not just the slide i had selected. This post is written using microsoft powerpoint 2010. The highest quality powerpoint templates and keynote templates download instantly download quick and easy to use professional presentation designs from. Looking for a way to energize your business presentations.

Designing effective presentations with powerpoint 2010. Microsoft office has the fantastic ability to create a pdf file for you. The eight tips and tricks in this article, which read best consecutively, are aimed at those of you. Powerpoint 2010 quick reference card powerpoint 2010 screen keyboard shortcuts the fundamentals to create a new presentation. Tips for effective powerpoint presentations design. How to create an animated map in powerpoint 2007 2010 pdf watch the youtube video. This tricks work in the latest versions of powerpoint including.

Microsoft powerpoint intermediateadvanced tips and. Use themes from the design menu to control how your powerpoint looks including. Microsoft powerpoint 2010 product guide dashboard web cms. Some tips and tricks when using powerpoint overview copycutpaste 0. The tips you find here should be of use to most people who use office 2010. Customize accessible features with the quick access toolbar. This note covers tips for designing a presentation your audience will remember for the right reasons. Discover these four powerpoint tips that will help you engage and, yes, entertain audiences.

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