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These commands are for use only by equallogic technical support personnel. Our used equallogic hard drives are all original parts and are fully tested and shipped with our own 12 months warranty and telephone support. I also suggest that when getting rid of an old equallogic array, after reset, run setup again and setup of the raid again, using a raid level with no spare option. Ps4100 storage arrays enterprise features for smaller deployments ideal for your growing storage needs, the ps4100e gbe iscsi array is a dell storage solution that offers a virtualized architecture, enterprise software and easy administration at an affordable price. How to select the correct raid for an equallogic san dell. Also its worth knowing that raid 6 is only rated at about 50% of the iops of raid 10 based on the 50% read write i have. Raid raid 5, raid 6, raid 10, and raid 503 expansion option can be combined with other equallogic ps series arrays in the same san group, online. The series offers multiple configurations in drive capacities with up to 36tb of storage in a 2u3. Equallogic ps4100xv highperformance arrays for critical data center applications. View and download dell equallogic ps4100 hardware manual online. The dell equallogic configuration guide is provided as an aid to help storage administrators determine how best to build an iscsi infrastructure for use within an equallogic san solution.

Equallogic ps4100e costeffective nextgeneration gbe iscsi array. Equallogic storage installation guide 1 rack mounting the array rack requirements eia310d compliant, fourpost 19 inch rack with universal square hole or unthreaded round hole spacing. You can do this by telnetting to the sans managament address and then running the command. With one or more ps series storage arrays, you can create a ps series groupa selfmanaging, iscsi storage area network san that is affordable and easy to use, regardless of scale. This is a system where each array or peer collaborates with other peers in the san in an equalpartner relationship. Ps4100e reconfigure raid hi good day, recently one of the disk of ps4100 failed, we decided to use the ps4100 for another purpose so we decided to reformat it, we would like to seek help on how to break and reconfigure the raid of the ps4100. Ps4100 storage arrays equallogic arrays dell storage. Read the first blog post here about dell mem and esxi 5. Eqaullogic ps4100 controller battery failed hardforum.

It was time to reset my dell, equallogic storage array. Equallogic hard drives we have one of the largest stocks of new and refurbished equallogic hard drives in europe. These 24 hard drives were combined in a raid 50 array with two hot spares. I am in the middle of troubleshooting some issues and its for the best.

The client in this case had a dell equallogic ps4100 san. Equallogic supports on the fly migration as long as you go in a supported migration path. The random workload used is 8k blocks, 100% random io, 70% read, against a 30gb test volume. Raid supported raid 5 not recommended, raid 6, raid 10 and raid 50 expansion option can be combined with other equallogic ps series arrays in the same san group, online. A maximum of two 2 ps4000 and ps4100 series arrays can be. Additionally, various dell equallogic ps4000 storage arrays will be left behind as of october 2016, although a few models hold on to dell support. Equallogic ps series storage arrays include san configuration features and capabilities that sense network connections, automatically build raid sets, and conduct system health checks to. Technical support for technical support cases please login to techdirect or call 18009453355 us only. If you do not have an equallogic support account, you can request one from the same page. Equallogic arrays in my opinion are a nice blend of value and performance that any systems or network administrator can learn to do basic setup and administration on in a. The steps are simple so i will just put them out here. Were the most extensively credentialed equallogic data recovery service in the industry. Any way to manually fail the controller over to the secondary controller since it doesnt seem to be doing it on its own.

Also according to their raid evaulator raid 50 has slightly more iops that raid 6. R3 can get your equipment up and running fast with no permanent data loss. We sell complete refurbished equallogic sans, configured to your requirements where possible as well as equallogic hard drives, equallogic controllers and other equallogic spare parts. Take advantage of a datacenter class it solution in small and midsize businesses as well as enterprise branch offices.

Speak to your dell sales professional or dell partner direct reseller to see if your school qualifies for this special offer. Shop for your equallogic hard drives at velocity tech solutions. Updating the firmware on dell equallogic ps series iscsi. Last year i changed our ps5000e from raid50 w hotspares, to raid6 w hotspare. If a member has a raid policy that cannot be converted, you can change the policy only by removing the member from the group, readding it to the group, and then setting the desired raid policy. The ps peer storage series arrays are built on what dell equallogic call their peer storage architecture. Integrate full snapshot, replication and application integration. Clearing equallogic lost raid blocks virtual grind. Model drive type drive size array capacity list price our price.

If thats the case, raid 6, 10, and 50 are the recommended options. The complete dell equallogic ps6000 line will lose dell support in november 2016, and most ps6010 products will follow in june 2017. Dell equallogic ps4100e the dell equallogic ps4100e is designed to provide exceptional capacity for your organization with up to 36 tb of nlsas storage in a 2u3. Equallogic ps4110 and ps4100 series the dell equallogic ps4110 and ps4100 storage arrays are designed to provide excellent flexibility, performance and capacity for your growing business requirements. The following set of commands are used by internal staff at dell equallogic. Customer service for customer service support or questions please email us at equallogic customer service certified channel partner help desk. The majority of equallogic systems needing controller replacements are old and out of service, so new controllers havent been available for quite some time. Raid 10 can be changed to raid50 or raid6 raid 50 can. Used dell equallogic ps4000e iscsi san storage array. This san was filled with 24 300gb enterprisegrade seagate hard drives.

Hello, we have several ps4100 and ps6100 arrays some stand alone, some grouped that are legacy and are configured for raid 5. Migrate raid types on an equallogic array vnetwise. The ps4100 series will eventually replace the previously announced ps4000 series. While its fresh on in my mind i will share with you.

Dell equallogic ps series undocumented commands disclaimer. This is causing it go in to write through mode and decreasing performance. Even when four drives in this array had failed, it still worked. It doesnt matter whether your company uses a raid 5, raid 10, or raid 50. The diagrams in table 1 are used only to illustrate the basic definition of each raid type and do not represent the actual raid implementation of a ps series array. Equallogic hard drives 146gb to 3tb hard drives etb. How to select the correct raid for an equallogic san. Clearing equallogic lost raid blocks when there are issues with a lost block condition on a raid volume on an equallogic member, you may receive a raidset lost blocks error via the group manager or via an emailsmtp message. In my environment we utilize dell equallogic ps series iscsi devices for our storage needs. Available for a wide variety of topics, including base features, microsoft integration, and. In accordance with what tim mentioned, an equallogic storage array with 24 drives only lets you chose one raid typepolicy for an enclosure. Ps4100 hardware maintenance guide maintaining drives there is a twominute delay between the time you insert a drive and the time the drive is automatically configured into a raid set. This time interval allows multiple drives to be simultaneously configured in an array, which is more efficient than installing a single drive, configuring it.

Equallogic presales presentations claim around 270 iops per drive in raid5 but does it deliver. Reliability redundant hotswappable controllers with vertical port sharing hotswappable disks and power supplies. Unfortunately, purchasing a used replacement equallogic controller doesnt always buy you much time since youre replacing a failed unit with another aging unit. Dell equallogic ps4100 series iscsi arrays provides costeffective nextgeneration gbe iscsi arrays. Setup dell equallogic ps4100x solutions experts exchange. Dell gives raid 10, 4 stars for rebuild performance, raid 50 gets 2 and raid 6 only one. Equallogic ps6000x, equallogic ps6100, ps6110, equallogic ps6000e. Email download pdf 750k view the full article as a pdf. Equallogic ps4100 vmkernel setup with vmware esxi 5. These eosl dates will hit the enterpriselevel equallogic user. With up to 16 sata disk drives per modular array, the ps4000e delivers outstanding capacity value for an.

I didnt benchmark, or have any hard numbers, but my conclusion after researching was that i. Dells engineer came to the site this afternoon and fixed the problem within 5 minutes, simply swapped out the active controller card where nvram battery failed, and almost right away the standby controller kicked in, i noticed only 2 ping were lost in both grpadmin and vm ip address during the controller switch over. If you really dont know the password set on the grpadmin but still have physical. The raid types available for use within each equallogic array are raid 10, raid 50, raid 5, and raid 6. Depending on the array model, each of these raid types is implemented with differing numbers of drives dedicated to data, parity, mirrors, and hot spares based on the number of drives available in each model. Equallogic ps4110 and ps4100 series scsistuff, llc. These statistics provide a good indication of overall group performance and might help you identify areas where performance can be optimized. The dell equallogic ps6210 is an intelligent storage array, designed to provide simple management and seamless expansion using innovative dell technology.

Check the raid reconstruction on a dell equallogic on a dell equalogic san you might want to check the status of a reconstruction of a raid set when you have a failed drive. This manual describes how to install dell equallogic ps4100 storage array hardware, configure the software, and start using the iscsisan array. We test and recertify our drives to oem standards to ensure that you receive quality product you can trust. Enter the group login and password grpadmingrpadmin is default. A maximum of two 2 ps4x00 arrays can be in a group. Have a ps4100 where one of the controllers is showing a battery failure.

Our results are reliable, and our streamlined case management procedures minimize hassles. We understand how important it is to have reliable hard drives for your equallogic array. Planning to support equallogic systems after end of life. Equallogic ps4100x highperformance arrays for remote officebranch office data centers. Ive run into a situation where i have a need to change raid types on an equallogic ps4100 in order to provide some much needed free space. When you run reset, it automatically runs diskzero for you. The raid6 performance seems amazingly strong, just 10% down on raid5 although this is essentially due to the 70. Equallogic ps series iscsi storage arrays with microsoft windows server failover clusters. Raid support raid 5, raid 6, raid 10, and raid 50 tcp network support ipv4, ipv6 core support expansion option can be combined with other equallogic ps series arrays in the same san group, online. Used dell equallogic ps4000e iscsi san overview this is a refurbished dell equallogic ps4000e iscsi san storage array with a 1year overnight parts replacement warranty. Dell equallogic ps4100 hardware manual pdf download. All our our new and used equallogic drives are original dell equallogic parts, pulled from exiting arrays or. Connect to the san via a serial cable to the active storage processor. Dell equallogic ps4100 hardware maintenance manual pdf.

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